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Tomato Hornworm (Manduca sexta) Professional Breeding Kit, THK1000
Manduca sexta, also known as the Tomato Hornworm in its larval stage, and as the Hummingbird Hawkmoth or Sphinx moth in its adult stage, is an excellent species for classroom lifecycle study, a model for scientific research, or as nutricious feeder insects. The larvae are large, easy to rear on artificial diet, and most important are disease resistant. The caterpillar eats primarily tomato leaves and the adult is a nectar feeder. At room temperature the larval stage last between 3-4 weeks and the pupal stage about one month or less. Typical of most sphnigid moths, the hummingbird hawkmoth is a wonderful flier with a five inch wingspan and like the hummingbird, can hover in flight and feed without landing. The Tomato hawkmoth (Manduca sexta) Professional Breeding Kit includes: Certificate for 100 hornworms, instant hornworm microwave artificial cookie dough diet(1kg), 24oz rearing cups,10 with scaffolding and ventilated lids, mass rearing box with scaffold and ventilated lid, forceps, pupation chamber, pupation media, Giant Pop-Up Breeding cage (LH175), pop-up emergence cage(BH103), butterfly feeder, artificial non-fernmenting nectar/egg laying stimulating reagent, oviposition substrate, and instruction manual.

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Product Code: THK1000

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